The Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service funds the placement of prostate cancer specialist nurses in a variety of Australian health care settings in partnership with health service providers.

The Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service has been made possible thanks to the generous funding from Movember, the Federal Government and generous local supporters.

Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses work within agreed frameworks for practice and professional development which are based on nationally recognised best practice models. PCFA is committed to providing ongoing professional development support for the duration of the program.

Read or download Practice Framework and Competency Standards for the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse

Click here for locations for Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses.

The information included below is to answer commonly asked questions about the service, how it works and how it can be accessed.


What is a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse?

There are lots of nurses throughout Australia working in a variety of jobs helping those affected by prostate cancer. A Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse is an experienced registered nurse who has received additional training to make them an expert nurse in prostate cancer care. The Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse works with a clear-cut structure to ensure you receive the same level of care from your nurse, no matter where you live.


Is there a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse in my area?

Click here for locations for Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses.


How can the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse help?

The Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurses work with your doctors and others involved in your care. They provide help to men and their families in all areas of prostate cancer care – whether you are newly diagnosed or have already had some treatment.

They are able to help you by:

  • Providing you with an ongoing point of contact and support
  • Assisting you access services both in the hospital and in your community during and after treatment
  • Providing you with reliable information about your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Providing you with information on dealing with the effects of treatment and how to get further help to deal with specific problems you may be having
  • Coordinating your care – wherever you are in your cancer journey
  • Helping you access a support group


How will I be able to access Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse?

  • You must be a patient of the hospital where the nurse is based to access this service
  • You can ask your hospital doctor to contact the nurse on your behalf
  • You can contact the service yourself
  • You can contact PCFA who can advise if the service is available in your area

This is a free service. It is available Monday to Friday during normal office hours. It is not an emergency service and you should contact your nearest emergency service for urgent issues.


Is a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse available to private patients?

There are nurses located in both public and private settings but you must be a patient of the hospital to be able to access the service.


If there is no Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse in my area, where else can I get help?

Many hospital providers have nurses and social work services specifically to help those with cancer. Ask your doctor to put you in touch with your local services.

Health Direct Australia is a 24 hour health advice line staffed by Registered Nurses to provide health advice. This is free to call from a land line 1800 022 222.

The Cancer Council provide a wide range of services to support those affected by cancer. Contact your local Cancer Council to find out what is available in your area 13 11 20.

For further enquiries regarding the program please contact or 1800 22 00 99.